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The Raising Expectations Team 2016 is part of a grassroots movement that strives to lead beyond compliance. Forged from a wide range of educational expertise, the RET 2016 has all the leadership qualities that our District requires moving forward. Our primary emphases are on the educating the whole child: providing a rigorous curricular framework and secure environment to study in.With our diverse blend of backgrounds, ideas and opinions we represent every corner of Bloomfield! Please take a look at our information listed below in consideration when making your all-important choice on November 8th.. 






Jill Fischman is a product of the Bloomfield School System. She was a member of the Class of 1995. She is a veteran educator of 16 years, teaching everything from kindergarten to college along the way.  Jill is currently teaching health and physical education at Union High School, where she also serves as the impact testing coordinator for the athletic department.  She is also the head softball coach at New Providence High School.  Over the past three years on the board Jill has done her best to help our administration and employees strive to provide the best possible educational experience for every child that passes through the door. She has been a part of many new initiatives brought into Bloomfield and with your vote on November 8, 2016 she can continue to work hard for your children as they move through the Bloomfield Schools.






Shane Berger is the owner and operator of Berger Brothers, Inc., a chain of six self-service Laundromats across New Jersey.  As an entrepreneur, Shane has led his company from a two-person start-up into an employer of more than 50, serving thousands of families and clients such as Nabisco, American Home Products and Johnson Controls.

Mr. Berger’s commitment to his community does not end with his enterprises.  He is a passionate student of education, as such; he has been an elected member of the Bloomfield Board of Education for two terms. Mr. Berger has served as BOE liaison to every Home and School Association within the District and as Chair of the Personnel, Curriculum and Finance and Facilities Committees. He has worked tirelessly with Administration on the Ad Hoc Budget Committee for the last five years representing all stakeholders in budget negotiations.  He has served on the Negations Committees on behalf of the Board in contract discussions with all units including, Teachers, Principals, Directors, Supervisors and all non-certified staff for the past two cycles.

Mr. Berger currently serves as President of the Essex County School Boards Association and as a Member of the Board of Directors of the New Jersey School Boards Association for the past two years. Individually, Mr. Berger has earned the titles of Certified Board Member in 2015 and this past May Master Board Member status. 

For his tireless advocacy on Bloomfield exceptionalism, Mr. Berger is very proud to have received a gubernatorial appointment to the State of New Jersey Council for the Humanities where he serves on the Finance Committee and has represented New Jersey at three National Conventions.  






Dr. Djanna Hill-Tall is professor of science and urban education at William Paterson University of New Jersey, where she also serves as chairperson of the Department of Africana-World Studies and director of the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program for STEM majors. Dr. Hill-Tall teaches undergraduate and graduate courses such as science methods, educational foundations, and research methods.  She is also a recent Fulbright recipient.  From 2005 – 2011 Professor Hill-Tall directed the Paterson Teachers for Tomorrow program at William Paterson University, a home grown urban teacher preparation grant program. Dr. Hill-Tall received her undergraduate degree in microbiology from Howard University and her graduate degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Hill-Tall has over 15 years of experience preparing teachers for K-12 classrooms and has taught middle and high school science in Baltimore, MD and Brooklyn, NY.  Dr. Hill-Tall conducts annual research presentations at major international conferences and serves as reviewer for the American Educational Research Association conference. Dr. Hill-Tall served on the board for the National Association for Multicultural Education from 2005 – 2008.  She performs yearly in-service professional development in the areas of multicultural education and diversity, science education and NGSS standards, and pedagogical strategies and assessment.  Dr. Hill-Tall’s academic research is inspired by a desire to expand the notion of community teachers, prepare teachers for urban schools, and bridge STEM and multicultural education.  Dr. Djanna Hill-Tall serves on the Bloomfield, NJ Civil and Human Rights Commission where she lives with her son and husband.  






Linda Lo has been a resident of Bloomfield since 2011. She is a native New Yorker that moved with her family to Bloomfield in search of a wonderful community and green space. She currently has a 3rd grader at Brookdale Elementary School, where she has served as Class Liaison, promoting the love of reading by scheduling parent readers over the years. She also has a preschooler at the Foundations Prep School.

With more than 15 years in the education field, Linda Lo brings teaching experience, as well as offering expertise in school administration.  She has been serving the students of the New York City Department of Education since 2000. She began her teaching career, teaching Social Studies, ELA and Legal Studies at a Dual Language Middle School. She moved on to start an honors middle school program and worked her way to becoming an Assistant Principal. She is currently an Educator Administrator, providing instructional support for superintendents of four districts. In this position, she is building capacity through professional learning cycles with principals, teachers and paraprofessionals.

Linda Lo earned a Bachelor of Arts from Manhattan College located in New York and a Masters of Education in Childhood Education with a Bilingual Extension from the City University of New York at Hunter College and an Advanced Certificate in School Administration & Supervision from the City University of New York at City College.

Linda is looking forward to serving the community in which she and her husband will be raising their two boys. She would like to bring her expertise and experience into the Bloomfield Board of Education, in hopes of improving the World Language program in the elementary schools, strengthening the team work between parents and the school communities, and advocating for educating the entire child, both the academic and emotional intelligence of children.