The Raising Expectations Team 2016 believes that all students have the ability to grow into lifelong learners. Board Members must be lifelong learners as well and not repeat past mistakes. As a result, the RET 2016 will not be in favor of outsourcing, huge budget shortfalls forced the Board to outsource our Child Study Teams, the Board tried it and then brought them back. The RET 2016 members have what it takes to preserve sustainability and not outsource.


The Raising Expectations Team 2016 members are a diverse group of citizens who have gotten together to share ideas and opinions on how to better serve our public school system. The RET 2016 fully supports the efforts the grassroots movement on reforming how students are assessed. The Bloomfield Board of Education was the first district in New Jersey to pass an opt out option for our parents. It has since been replicated in many other Districts in the state. We plan to push on further and lead toward an authentic assessment that our students deserve!! 


The Raising Expectations Team 2016 is opposed to charter schools in Bloomfield.