Dr. Djanna Hill-Tall is professor of science and urban education at William Paterson University of New Jersey, where she also serves as chairperson of the Department of Africana-World Studies and director of the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program for STEM majors. Dr. Hill-Tall teaches undergraduate and graduate courses such as science methods, educational foundations, and research methods.  She is also a recent Fulbright recipient.  From 2005 – 2011 Professor Hill-Tall directed the Paterson Teachers for Tomorrow program at William Paterson University, a home grown urban teacher preparation grant program. Dr. Hill-Tall received her undergraduate degree in microbiology from Howard University and her graduate degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Hill-Tall has over 15 years of experience preparing teachers for K-12 classrooms and has taught middle and high school science in Baltimore, MD and Brooklyn, NY.  Dr. Hill-Tall conducts annual research presentations at major international conferences and serves as reviewer for the American Educational Research Association conference. Dr. Hill-Tall served on the board for the National Association for Multicultural Education from 2005 – 2008.  She performs yearly in-service professional development in the areas of multicultural education and diversity, science education and NGSS standards, and pedagogical strategies and assessment.  Dr. Hill-Tall’s academic research is inspired by a desire to expand the notion of community teachers, prepare teachers for urban schools, and bridge STEM and multicultural education.  Dr. Djanna Hill-Tall serves on the Bloomfield, NJ Civil and Human Rights Commission where she lives with her son and husband.