Bloomfield Board of Education Highlights 2014-2016


• Opened Liberty Academy on Bloomfield College Campus

• Opened Early childhood Center @ Forest Glen

• Brought child study team back in house

• Added new physical education, art and music teachers to the elementary schools.

• Upgraded all network capabilities

• Started working on the $53 million facilities long range planning


• Purchased and implemented Power School

• Implemented Words their Way

•  Implemented Readers & Writers Workshop

• Hired new Elementary Principal

• Worked with BEF for PSAT grant of $250,000

• Brought all new technology purchasing back to administration.


• Implemented a new 1:1 initiative at BMS with Chrome Books

• Worked with BEF to fund wireless connections for home use for Chrome Book Pilot

• Worked with the Foley Field Foundation to approve new restroom, multipurpose room and

snack stand facility

• Paid off Foley Field Bond

• Started new Teacher Academy

• Hired many new positions

o Assistant superintendent

o Assistant business administrator

o New outside council

o New Science supervisor

o New world language and social studies supervisor

o 2 new assistant principals @BHS