Linda Troncoso-maiden name


Education & Certification


City College of CUNY, New York, NY - Advanced Certificate in School Administration & Supervision 2007

Hunter College of CUNY, New York, NY - MS Ed. Childhood Education w/ Bilingual Extension 2004

Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY - B.S. Government and Sociology 2000

New Jersey State Standard Certificate for Supervisor

New Jersey State Standard Certificate for Teacher of Social Studies 

New York State Permanent Certificate in School Administration & Supervision

New York State Permanent Certificate in Social Studies 7-12

New York State Professional Certificate in Childhood Education 1-6


Teaching & Supervision Highlights


Queens North Borough Field Support Center New York, NY                Present

Senior Achievement Manager- Instructional Lead serving Districts 24, 25, 26, & 30


Designed and facilitated a diverse array of professional learning opportunities for teachers and administrators across all grades and content areas.  Developed and utilized resources appropriate in supporting teacher leaders in the areas of Formative Assessment, World Languages, Socratic Seminars, Conceptual Understanding in Math and English Language Arts-Literature Circles. Communicated with School leadership regarding the effectiveness of teacher teams and provided them with professional learning outcomes. Managed and provided guidance to a cohort of principals through a professional learning cycle focused on building Student Autonomy in Students with Disabilities with the intended outcome of improving student learning. Coordinated the 1st Annual Queens North Borough Spelling Bee, supported Spelling Bee School Coordinators and welcomed over 100 students and their families in showcasing their spelling bee skills, competitiveness and love for literacy.  



P.S 191 Museum Magnet School New York, NY                         2011

Teacher -  6th Grade ICT Math, ELA, & Social Studies; 7th Grade Spanish, ELA & ICT Social Studies; 8th Grade Spanish & Social Studies 


Coordinator of the Advance Student Survey Pilot, trained teachers in conducting Advance student surveys in grades 3-8 for purposes of providing teachers with valuable feedback to be used to improve their instructional practice.  Managed the implementation, distribution and collection of surveys. Teacher Representative on the ADVANCE Team, collaborated with members of the team including administrators in making a formative selection of the State and Local Measures of Student Learning (MOSL) for the school. Trained in the Danielson’s Framework for teacher evaluation and development of instructional practices. Lead Integrative Collaborative Team (ICT) teacher, modeled collaborative team teaching instruction to other ICT teams and trained other staff members in museum project-based learning; organizing the Dream Think Do annual academic fair. Inquiry Team Leader for Grade 6 and Social Studies Team, turn-keyed new curriculum initiatives, establishing meeting protocols, engaging teachers in analysis of ELA data using the Harvard’s Project Zero protocol, sharing best instructional practices, and creating differentiated lessons to address student needs. Department liaison for the Quality Review superintendent meeting, presenting school-wide evidence of common core aligned curriculum and classroom practices. Served as a Teacher Mentor to student teachers and first year teachers by conducting an intensive residency that included: regular classroom observations, guidance of differentiating instruction, classroom management and curriculum writing. 


School Initiatives

Created a field trip scholarship program in collaboration with the Parent Teacher Association for students that are high academic performers and economically disadvantaged. Created a student growth portfolio system for grades 6-8, where students reflected on their exemplary work and quarterly goals. Initiated and managed a school-wide social committee that services approximately 50 teachers, created events that allowed colleagues to exchange educational practices, network and form part of a school community of learners. Coordinated a group of 15 teachers to implement teacher-led workshops for parents titled, “Breakfast with a teacher” and “Snacks with a teacher,” where parents were taught the use of , an online web application that allows an online exchange on student academic performance with parents as well as given opportunities to speak with teachers.


I.S. 204 The Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School, Queens, NY                2009

Teacher - 6th Grade ESL Social Studies; 7th Grade Social Studies


Grant Writer of a magnet school application that awarded I.S. 204 a federal grant, being 1 out of 7 Magnet Schools in District 30 to receive it, 7 Magnet Schools in District 30 Getting 3.78 M Fed Grant. Co-led the 6th grade team in the Harvard Academy by organizing teacher meetings and student incentives, mentoring students and ensuring that discipline procedures are followed. Co-led the Intrepid Museum of Sea, Air and Space Museum after-school program where students investigated the role that the USS Intrepid had during World War II, the space race, the Cold War and the Vietnam War through hands on experience. Participated in the school-wide Discipline committee where I created incentives for students and developed ideas on better classroom management


P.S. 241 The Family Academy Middle School, New York, NY                   2007

Assistant Principal- Grades 6-8 including all content departments


Supervised a staff of 15 teachers, 10 school aides, and students of various ages from grades 6 though 8. Led weekly staff and departmental meetings covering instruction, curriculum, inclusion models, and data analysis. Led Professional Development workshops on: differentiated instruction and integrating instructional practices that educate all students including those with IEPs, classroom management, and writing curriculum. Reinvented the Social Studies curriculum by adopting the History Alive TCI curriculum and integrating the Facing History & Ourselves program which created an experiential learning history experience. Expanding the middle school program by incorporating enrichment clubs, an advisory program, Academic Intervention Program which increased student achievement and morale. Coordinated the school’s academic schedule, curriculum night, fundraising events and the first annual holiday show.


P.S. 191/M.S. 865 Hudson Honors Middle School, New York, NY                 2003

Founding Teacher - 7th Grade ELA, Social Studies, & Math; 8th Grade Social Studies and Math; 7th and 8th Grade Advisory Math Department Co-leader


Assistant Principal Intern, assumed the responsibilities of the assistant principal while teaching a full schedule. Lead weekly staff and Social Studies department meetings. Expanded the Social Studies professional development program by bringing in regional support instructors, arranging lectures, including experts from the Facing History & Ourselves Organization, and increasing the number of curriculum resources. Implemented and managed the Math Academic Intervention Services. Coordinated school wide events such as Curriculum Night, Math and Social Studies Fairs. Chaired the School Leadership Team, lead and organized meetings among administration, teachers and parents to assess student achievement, after school programs and social events. Implemented the Peace Games Organization program designed to decrease the amount of peer conflicts by teaching students conflict-resolution; as a result, students executed social action projects and there was a decrease in student suspensions.



Founding teacher of the Hudson Honors middle school program, involved in creating an inclusive culture for students from diverse backgrounds, designed the curriculum for the Advisory program and facilitated workshops on formative assessments, grading the NYS math exam and mentoring teachers. Instructed the After School Reading and Kaplan Math Program for 3 years, providing students with individualized academic attention that resulted in higher test scores. As the Social Studies Team Leader, developed a Social Studies curriculum that integrated technology-based exit projects, historical fiction reading, guest speakers, academic field trips, and senior portfolio work. Supervised student teachers providing them with observation lessons, guidance, and instruction. Supervised: student government, a voter registration drive, drama club, dances, athletic events and senior activities.


M.S. 247 Dual Language Middle School, New York, NY                     2000

Dual-Language Teacher - 6th Grade Math; 7th Grade ELA; 6th and 7th Grade Legal Studies; 6th and 7th Advisory; 8th Grade Social Studies


Initiated and implemented a legal studies program that introduced students to Constitutional, Criminal, and Civil Law. Coordinated the Common Cents Penny Harvest; selected 2 consecutive years for the Round Table Grant. Developed student’s leadership skills and democratic awareness by establishing the school’s first student government. Supervised and promoted many school activities including the Spelling and Reading bee, an Annual Talent Show, athletic events, and chess club. Developed informative Math assessments to guide differentiated instruction and improve test scores.